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Lindsay Laing, MA, RSW, RP, ICCAC, TITC-CT

Healing Trauma and Addiction, Dr. Gabor Mate, Wholehearted Training
​A Masterclass for Healers, Dr. Gabor Mate, Wholehearted Training
Conscious Recovery Professional Training, Wholehearted Training
EMDR: 2 Day Workshop, Elaine Strid, PhD, LPC, PESI Inc.
Clinical Traumatologist, Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum

Brainspotting: Phase 1, David Grand, PhD

Brainspotting: Phase 2, David Grande, PhD

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma, Dr. Antonio Pascual-Leone, PhD

EMDR and Mindfulness: Integrating interventions for Anxiety, Depression, Panic and Trauma, PESI Inc. 

Brainspotting: The Brain-Body Based Therapy for Treating Trauma, David Grand, Ph.D, PESI Inc.

Accessing the Deep Brain with Brainspotting: Interpersonal Neurobiology in Action, David Grand, Ph. D

Brainspotting: Processing Trauma without Talking about it, David Grand, Ph. D

Certified Telemental Health Practitioner Certificate, Telemental Health Institute
Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum
Traumatology Institute, Early Intervention Field Traumatologist (TITC-EIFT)
Treatment of Individuals with Co-occurring Substance Use and Psychiatric Disorders Workshop - Donald Meichenbaum, PhD
The Interactions Between Opioids and Alcohol - Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) OpiATE Initiative and the RNAO
Youth Opioid Use Disorders and Treatment Options: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
​Pregnancy and Substance Use - CAMH’s OpiATE Initiative and the RNAO                               
Treating Trauma and Addiction- Hazelden                                                                           
Women and Addiction: A Gender Responsive Approach- Hazelden                                              
Ontario HIV and Substance Use Training Program (OHSUTP)                                                       
​Applied Suicide Intervention Training (Asist): Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)                                                               
Dual Diagnosis: Mood Disorders - Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings                                       
Working with Gambling Problems - Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings                                     
Concurrent Disorders - Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre                                                         
Harm Reduction and the Value of MMTP- Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre Webinar            
Dual Diagnosis: Personality Disorders - Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings                               
Understanding Withdrawal and Detoxification- Laban’s Addiction Specific Trainings                                         
Managing the Violent Patient Training Seminar                                                                    
Best Practices in Methadone Maintenance Treatment: Optimizing Care using a Client-Centered Approach Workshop- RNOA
Suboxone Education Program Certificate                                                                             
“The Radiant Touch" - First and Second Degree
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